About the founders

Uroš Dobnikar is a medical doctor at the University Clinical Center in Maribor, Slovenia. He completed his Ph.D. in Human Physiology at the University of England. He enjoys nature, music, photography, and everything that is Life.

“I have always felt the truth. I feel what is important and what isn’t. I have realized that the knowledge humanity has at the present moment cannot even come close to explaining the everyday miracle of what we call Life.”

Petra Dobnikar is an academic pianist and teacher at the Conservatory for Music and Bale in Maribor, Slovenia. She loves people, sound, nature, and the miracle of Life.

I have sensed since early in my youth that a human life is much more than we imagine and what we are able to perceive with our five senses. Through music and sound I can embody my knowledge and hold lost souls so that they can find the path to themselves. I am, I feel, I exist. I radiate, I love." READ MORE


We have established the School of Light institute, a humanitarian, non-profit organization that seeks to awaken and to raise awareness of our freedom in life. We are running group meditations and workshops that are directed at re-connecting with ourselves and removing negative patterns. The purpose is for every individual to become more aware and change their life for the better. Those who have joined the School of Light are becoming a shining light, illuminating their own families, their environment, friends and co-workers. By doing so, they are positively affecting the whole world.