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About the book

The book you are holding in your hands tells a story about how we can open to our inner life force and wake up in PURE AWARENESS. The patterns of negative human behavior are described and a way is shown to awaken from ignorance into the true understanding of life.

This book will show you the way HOME, how to connect yourself with your higher self and use the power of healing and love.

It will show you the Path to LIBERATION of yourself and your life.

We wish to help man to release himself from all suffering. The book lets us know, very clearly, that we cannot do this by changing the outer world.

So we will take you to the CORE, to the source of everything. We will show you where your ESSENCE resides, your cure, your potential, and teach you how to open wide the gates of this treasury.

We will show you how simple the TRUTH is and why it is so hard for a man to reach for the Truth.

To open one's heart.

To become what is Truth and live the Truth.

The way to Truth is a way to happiness and inner peace.

This book was created as a gift for us and for all humanity. Everything in this book came from deep insights during meditations that were recorded and then literally transcribed. Some of the content came from the experiences we gained in our life, especially by working with hundreds of people that were seeking help and cure from troubles of their lifes.

We wholeheartedly desire that you read the book without preconceived notions or prejudice. Feel the words in your HEART and allow yourself to open up to the flow of energy.

Allow the mind to fall asleep for a moment so that changes can find a way into your life. ENJOY the read!

Petra and Uroš, the authors.

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About the authors

Petra Dobnikar

I am an academic pianist and a teacher of piano.

I teach piano in the conservatory for music and bale in Maribor.

I love people, sound, nature and the miracle of Life.

I have sensed since early in my youth that a human life is much more than we imagine and what we are able to

perceive with our five senses.

Through music and sound I can embody my knowledge

and hold lost souls

so that they can find the path to themselves.

I am, I feel, I exist. I radiate, I love.

Uroš Dobnikar


I work as a medical doctor in the University Clinical Center in Maribor, Slovenia.

I completed my PhD in Human Physiology at the University of England.

I have always felt the Truth. I feel what is important and what isn't. I like nature, music, photography and everything that is Life. I have realized that the knowledge humanity has at the moment cannot even come close to explaining the everyday miracle of what we call Life.

Our common life path, which has lasted for 18 years, has always been calm and stable. We are married and have beautiful children, Filip, Rok, and Tom. We are grateful to our parents for the life they have given us.

We have always been curious explorers of life. After finishing our studies we decided to take a trip around the world. We backpacked through Asia and South America. The path took 14 months. This journey expanded the horizons of our understanding. It gave us a seal of freedom. We realized you do not need much to be happy. At that time we started noticing for the first time how patterns of life, behavior and beliefs limit people’s lives.

Our family life has always been happy and fulfilling.

We had practically everything we needed: good work, enough money, three children, a lot of love, good relationships with people…. Our culture believes this to be a successful life. But after a while, we began to feel deep inside that this was not all there is to life, that there had to be more to life than this routine. An inner force guided us to the realization of Truth. We started meditating and a new world opened up for us. We started feeling ourselves in a completely different way. A knowledge and a knowing opened up inside of us, a knowledge about how little we humans know about ourselves, because we are caught up in our patterns of behaviour. We only see in the world what we have been taught to see. We realized that we don’t live at all, and that we are, in a sense, already dead. We are not even remotely aware of the potential we are carrying inside ourselves. We do not know how to consciously draw on life energy. We have lost the power of free creation. We realized that humanity is caught in fear and ignorance stemming from a feeling of separation from the oneness of life. Humanity is caught in the fangs of the manipulations of those who have this knowledge and are using it for impure purposes.

Through our own experience, we have come to the understanding of the Law of life. Powers opened inside of us, powers that enable us to help others. Deep inside we felt a calling to hand over this knowledge to all of humanity.

We started to help people who need help, who seek the meaning of life and a way to reconnect with their essence.

We wish to hand over everything that we have learned. Life lessons are still awakening our understanding of life and the workings of the world that we live in. We have established the School of Light institute, a humanitarian, non-profit organization that seeks to awaken and to raise awareness of our freedom in life. We are running group meditations and workshops that are directed at re-connecting with ourselves, removing negative patterns and opening an awareness of life. The purpose is for every individual to become more aware and change their life for the better. Those who have joined the School of Light are becoming a shining light, illuminating their own families, their environment, friends and co-workers. By doing so, they are positively affecting the whole world.

In meditations we are sending Light, healing energies and positive thoughts to Earth, Slovenia, all of humanity and into the current crisis centers around the world.