(From the book School of Light: Way to Truth)

On your path, it is vital that you learn about the astral world.

Understanding the truth about the astral world can help you

to liberate yourself from human limitations.


Your consciousness can travel the astral world in your astral (emotional) body. This mostly happens in dreams. A large volume of spiritual literature describes out of body (astral) travels that people can experience in altered states of consciousness.

Astral travel is shown as something divine, as a way to receive the proper information or assistance. But there is nothing divine in the astral world. It is filled with strong sensations and feelings, which are the reflection of all the negative energies that humanity has created since the beginning of time.

The astral world, as it is at the moment, needs to melt down and transform into pure love. It is merely a classroom. It is a step on your path, but one that you must simply step over.

The purpose of the astral world is to help you to understand that the things that attract you the most in it are not real.

Some people are deeply caught up in the astral world. Intelligent forces from this world control and lead their lives and the lives of people close to them towards destruction. This is important so that you may recognize if you are one of these people. So you can choose to stop. To say no to your desires and to the forces of your mind that drag you there.

People who are already very pure, with highly developed souls, are not attracted to the astral world anymore. They have stepped over it. They have realised the essence of the astral and can no longer be affected by it. They are protected from the influence of the dark forces.

The astral world is a world in which dark negative energies reside. It can be beautiful, alluring and intoxicating, but it can also be terrifying. This is not a world created by the heart.

The astral world is full of beings that have great power. In it reside the creatures of crime, depravity and war. All negative feelings such as envy, hate, anger and fear originate from it. It feeds all overreactions, when man constantly overexaggerates in all adjectives, when he is telling stories in a very vivid manner, filled with astral adjectives.

There is no simplicity in the astral world. The astral world has developed an attachment to matter and constantly reminds people that they must have matter with them at all times, so that they would do anything in order to posses it. It even promises them some things, since you can get everything in the astral world. They promise that they will do everything for you, even on planet earth.

People caught up in the astral world have a strong desire for riches, for power, to dominate other people, a need to be important.

On your path, you will often meet a man who spends most of his time in the astral world and receives information, guidance and instruction from it. Your job is to help him, to tell him the Truth!

The divine is, in essence, very simple. Life must be as simple as possible, surrounded with as few things as possible for which you must care for. You must have only what you need. Tell him this. Or tell this to yourself.

The astral world is a world of struggle. It is a world of deceit, a world of lies, a world of entities and drama. It is a world of false promises. All the bad things that happen on earth are a consequence of the astral world.

People who live for the astral are hanging around there and are happier there than on earth should know that this is a delusion. In the astral world you can get all you want, and it all seems divine. But you know deep inside that this is not the right way, that something is missing. That something is missing especially in life here on earth.

Things don't go as they should because people are constantly wishing for something. They wish for this and that and a third thing... A wish follows a wish!

The astral world is world of desires. People are so attracted to the astral world simply because all of their desires come true in that world. That’s why people are the way they are. They receive promises, and the promises are fulfilled there. On the other hand, earth is full of limitations that they cannot overcome.

But if you live a divine life, then this is a life in which the divine energy flows, the energy that gives you a drive, a will to live and to create. Your life on earth runs smoothly and lightly. If you do things in a divine manner, with divine energy, with divine love, you move forward. You sail like a huge, stable ship on the vast calm sea. You sail and sail towards your goal. But if you are addicted to the astral world, you are as a small ship on the wide turbulent sea, thrown around by experiences in all directions. And experiences are many, so you have to strive very hard. You work and work but you don't arrive anywhere. You are going around in circles.

This is the astral, this is what feeds the astral. The astral feeds on feelings of despair, feelings of excitement, a manic feeling of love. It feeds on feelings of radical opposites that keep your emotions unstable, where there is only up and down, down and up.

The divine flows differently. The divine is stable. It is peaceful and humble. In life, you do not need many material goods. Mostly you need a space in which you feel good. You need people around you that you love and you need a simple life.

The divine cannot be too much! The divine is always just right. It always gives you as much as you can take. With the divine your life is easier. The divine does not lead you astray, blow you somewhere else, since for the divine it is vital that you are here, in the physical world, doing what you have to do before you leave it. The divine does not kidnap you and lead you into some other world where you float and are “high.” This is not divine!

Desires make your life complicated. You have to let go of your attachment to desires, since desires are limitation, a limitation that pulls you away from the divine.

The astral world is the world of darkness. The world created by the human mind. This world creates the worst of all evils that are happening on earth. All people who feel evil inside them, that do evil to others, are under the influence of the astral world, which is so deeply rooted in them.

The astral world runs on the power of desires, and these people have strong desires to be famous, or to have a lot of money. They are dependent on material goods or the opinions of others. All of this is addiction, a desire for something, a yearning for something that may be either material or immaterial. A desire to be recognized, to be important, to be in charge.

These are negative traits of humanity that are seen in this world as challenges for success. They are seen as normal. But in reality being successful, being known, being the best, the winner, someone who is recognized—this has nothing in common with living from the heart. These are merely bypaths of humanity.

They say there would be no progress without this. That is not true! There would be even more progress because people would not compete between each other. They would work and act for the wellbeing of others. If people were motivated they would cooperate, and believe me, there would be even more progress! And less gluttony and less need for the “progress” that drives people on the wrong paths.

What is progress anyway!? Is progress to build a plane, a car, a house? To buy the biggest TV? Are material goods progress?

Isn't this real progress: that you do not need a car, that you can fly or materialize yourself anywhere without needing matter to move from point A to point B? What is real progress?

Is progress building the biggest kitchen and spending loads of money? Is it working hard and torturing yourself at work because you want to have loads of money? Because of this you are causing harm to a lot of people. Do you really need so big a kitchen? Will the food in it taste better? Or would it not be better to imagine what you want to eat and you get it instantly, you simply materialize it? You would not even need a kitchen! Nothing and nobody would need to suffer for this! What is real human progress...?

Humanity has taken a path that it thinks it is the right one. This is the path of material profit. The path of material possibilities. The path of large sums of money in the bank. If we have this we are happier, aren't we? This is the material world, the astral world, the world of addiction. It is the world of desires and the world of drama.

To decide for the Truth and for simplicity, for divinity, is sometimes way too simple. People are used to complicated things because they think that this is the catch, that there has to be a catch, that it can't be so simple, that somebody has to have some kind of expectation from them. Nobody would do anything for free. This is what the human mind tells us.

But the divine does good simply because it is the divine. This is good, divine is good. It expects nothing in return because good creates good. If you do good you do not get anything bad in return, since this is not the Law of life. Therefore the divine gives, gives, and gives goodness. If all people would give goodness, the world would have been ascended a long time ago.

All must be simple. Even when you walk the divine path, there are periods that are sometimes more difficult than others, but the mind can make these periods even harder. A difficult period is a period in which you are not operating from yourself, when you do not listen to yourself, when you are not doing the divine work. This can be difficult for you, but as soon as you feel the divine drive, it all changes. All becomes graceful, simple and easy and you are filled with energy. Tell all of this to your friends who are caught up in the astral world. Tell it to yourself! That the astral world kidnaps the soul and does not let it go.

The astral world is so intoxicating, so sweet, so true, so “real” that it can't be bad. Those who travel it would say: “Look what awesome things happen to me there. I can do things there that I could never do on Earth.”

OK, all is fine and good, but the price you have to pay in order to be able to operate in the astral world is too high. You are paying for it with your life here on earth! Because you are here on earth, your home is not in the astral! You cannot spend all days and nights in the astral. You have a physical body that needs food and water, so you must get up every day and act in the physical world.

But this is hard, because you don't succeed. Since the astral world keeps you away, it takes away all of your energy. The astral world is so deeply ingrained in your physical life that you cannot finish what you were born to do here, the reason you came into this world.

Why are you here? You are not here to escape into the astral world. You are here to make a change in the physical world. In order to put things in divine order and live by divine law, in divine love. Do not think that all of the things you are doing in the astral world do not affect your life here. “That is not real,” you would say. “That is in the astral world!” You are deeply mistaken! That is real and it is all reflected in your life here on earth.

You cannot live the life of a saint here and be good and then live out all of the things you could not do here in the astral plane. You cannot play two roles, because you are one. Your soul is one! In this life, your mission is to leave the astral world, if you have not done so already! To realize that it is merely an experience that has taught you that you do not need it and that you truly want the divine, the real thing! You want love, that true power which can move mountains and by which you can enter into the ranks of the warriors of Light. Your mission is to help others realize that the astral world is not golden, or that it is golden, just a little. But 90% it is full of dark forces that only do harm.

All the wars here on Earth and all the evil that happens here is a consequence of the astral world.

Now you have a better understanding, and you will be able to understand the people that you will meet. You will better understand why people are the way they are, why they react the way they react, what is wrong with them. The astral world plays a large role here. It can also be a world of schizophrenia, a world of psychosis. These are dark forces that can posses a man inch by inch, little by little, until they completely own him. At first it is tempting, but then they quickly and deeply take root in the body of a man who is using them, without him even knowing what is going on.

You can help many people with what you understand now. Now you know why it is so and you can help your friends who really need help.

Because of the strong experiences the astral world offers, you can easily mistake it for your classroom, where you can train in ways that you can't train on Earth. But that is not right! All the things that you want, you first need to settle in yourself, transform in your own system and make yourself holier. You need to do all of this on Earth and not in the astral world! Always ask yourself if you are living according to your divine plan, with divine friends and with divine guides. Does everything you do on the astral plane really have no consequence? Is it true that you are doing divine things in the astral world, according to divine laws? With pure conscience and with love? Simply ask yourself these questions if you are active in the astral world!

Allow yourself to be guided by the divine and do not give in to the astral and its false teachers and masters who operate there. Love, purity and simplicity is all you need and all that you must get in return. This is truly what you need.

Beauty can be fake. Beauty fades.

Purity stays.

It is purity that is eternal and everlasting.

Stay in purity, in pure feelings, pure thoughts, in simplicity, and stay away from desires for external accomplishments – even the desire to achieve enlightenment.

Enlightenment is not an achievement. Enlightenment is merely a path that you are traversing here and now in the physical world on Earth. It is the pure path of love and simplicity, which you are sharing among the people. You are here for the people!

The intelligence of the astral world is often presented to people as divine. But the “divine” that you are, in this case, giving yourself away for and believe yourself to be guided by is not really divine. It is a dark, fake force. It is dark but pretends to be golden, to be bright, to be the Light.

But is this the Light? Are you a warrior of the light? Do you fight so you can be pure and bright, here in this world!? Do you fight to shine Light into other people? With pure thoughts and pure love? Are you here and now? Do you have pure thoughts? Do you even know what pure thoughts are? You have a free will and are deciding where you are going. Are you going to the light or to the darkness?

All is tempting. The dark is tempting. You can be so enchanted that you don't even know that it's dark.

Never confuse the astral world and Cosmic Consciousness. It is one thing to travel the astral world and quite another to have Cosmic Consciousness that can be used to travel anywhere. Both are very similar.

There are forces that are far darker. They run the astral world and are somewhere in the backstage. They appear all the time and direct the tempo and direction in which the astral is going. A lot of people are living in the astral world, but most of them are not even aware of it. That is because the astral world mostly comes alive at night when people are asleep. People are kidnapped in their dreams. The astral world is not a place where somebody could play around!

Everybody walking the path of enlightenment (evolution of consciousness) has to get to know the astral world so that he knows its qualities and what is going on there, since without this information one can lose oneself. When the forces and energies of the astral world descends upon him, it can destroy him.

Sometimes people use black magic. They do not know themselves where this knowledge is coming from and why they are using it. They are not aware of it, but when someone shows them, sheds some light on their actions and teaches them to observe themselves, to be cautious, things begin to clear. People start becoming conscious of the things they are doing. They become conscious of the patterns they live in that are no longer serving them anymore. They become conscious of themselves and conscious of every moment of their life. They become conscious that they must fix their life here on earth. It is up to them to decide what this moment will be like, what their life will be like, and they choose the qualities they want to experience in it, regardless of whether or not it brings them peace.

The need to be seen often creates violence and revenge. The need to be heard starts fights. All of this is discord that needs to be removed.

Layer after layer, man starts to uncover himself, as if taking off his clothes. And when you take off all of the unnecessary clothes, you put them down. At the end you are what you truly are. This is essence: to come to the real I AM and connect yourself with your own Presence and your own energy that is in you and can be used. In this way, we become more ourselves than ever before. The energy of Love illuminates all the parts of our bodies, cleanses them and gives them a new form and content.

Body heals from the inside. Soul heals from the inside. Man can breathe easier when he takes off the layers of clothing that he was wearing and that were preventing him from being able to breathe and move as he wanted. He was burdened with the weight of clothes and they were preventing him from breathing as he wanted. It is as if he was in armour and now he can remove the armour and liberate himself.

Every individual matters.

Everyone affects the next one in line.

A chain is created and it spreads.

People feel the drive again as they see achievements around them, when they feel good. They are finally breathing and doing what they want. This is what we all want. We want to see that we have the strength in us. That we do not need a doctor. That we can heal ourselves when they use this power. That we can fill ourselves with cosmic energy if we wish to do so. That we are not tired and do not need fitness or running. We do not need the astral anymore. We do not need anything if we are connected in a proper way with ourselves. Not with the mind but with the heart. This is the real thing!

Divine energies are the most simple energies and are not dramatic. They are beautiful, gentle energies that slowly start to grow inside of you. Astral energies are always strong and dramatic.

Divine energies are simple and very pure. There is nothing dramatic about them. They are a pure spark and drive that leads to situations which allow something to be fixed, healed or cleansed. Or that enables someone to progress on the path of self-realization.

The astral world is not a place to hang around.

The astral is just a place you pass through

and never return to.

Dark forces affect your current awareness of life. They shape and run the world that you perceive. The intelligence of darkness currently controls humanity. It works through each individual, through politicians, the media, governments and world organizations. It works through secret societies and religious institutions. Through the magic of money and advertising. It works with the forces of lies, control, terror and manipulation.

People who are cooperating in this are simply puppets that the intelligence of darkness uses to achieve its goals. The goal is to destroy life, to break the connection with the heart, to enslave the people in the fear of lack and poverty, in dependence to material goods and the feeling of separation. They are enemy forces that wish to take away freedom from people and the values of love. They wish to estrange people from each other and separate them, to make them weak, sick and controllable.

But darkness in essence does not exist. The darkness is afraid of the Light. When the Light shines, darkness disappears. And this is exactly what people need to realize! They are trampled on simply because they are not shining. They have forgotten the Light of love. We are all one and nothing separates us. Darkness always comes as a gift that wakes you up and reminds you that the Light in your heart has waned. You can always turn on this Light. This is the good news for you and for humanity.

Let the Light illuminate all the darkness of humanity and the astral world. Let all that is not love transform into love!

Darkness is merely the absence of Light.