(From the book School of Light: Way to Truth)

Children are your mirror. In them your patterns, actions, feelings and beliefs are reflected. That is why children are the greatest gift that has been given to you, and the greatest opportunity to know yourself. Children are your greatest teachers.

When a child reacts emotionally and dramatically to a certain situation, there is always a story behind it. When he reacts sharply or jokes around there is always something behind it. Always find what is behind it, and seek the cause in yourself. This is what mirrors are for. What you put out there, the child accepts and sends back to you.

Children will teach you about purity of heart and purity of words. Remember that everything is energy. That you are never communicating with the person but only with the energy. Communication is a flow of energy that connects people. A pure transmission of energy is created when in every word and in every thought there is only love. When thoughts are good and pure; when there are no negative thoughts and nothing of the sort as somebody making you angry; when all is calm, constant and stable, then love runs like a river through you and nothing can turn its course.

When a child feels this current of the river of love in you a current of the river of love in him will start to manifest. A child is your mirror and therefore never ask yourself why he is the way he is. Do not think you have nothing to do with the fact that a child reacted negatively. That is simply not true! Everything is transmitted. If you see something you do not like in your children, this is also hiding inside you.

You have to bring purity into every relationship. Children will react to these changes very soon and show you that you are going in the right direction, the direction of purity in your feelings, purity in your relationships with children, without tension, just with loving presence. And no expectations! This is the hardest. That is why purity in relation to them is so important.

It is important that children obey. But the point isn’t obedience. The point is respect, that a child can feel a strong connection with you, so he knows you are one and does everything from love. Because he knows very well that this is good for him. This is purity in relationships, where there are no expectations or demands and still everything runs smoothly, respectfully and with love.

Make no demands, not even to yourself. Do everything solely from love and because you want it yourself. All that is not made of these two elements should be discarded.

Once you erase expectations on children they will stop expecting things or actions from other people. That is why their behavior and their emotions will stabilize. They will be harmonized and the same will happen with you.

Motherly love is very important in the early years of childhood. Men have motherly love in them as well, just as women also have a part of paternal love in them. Motherly love is especially gentle and merciful. You listen to the problems of the children and when something negative happens you don’t just say that it’s not a big deal. It is important for a child that he has a feeling that you understand him. This is also important with other people. It is called compassion.

A harsh upbringing that has no sense for anything is a militaristic upbringing. With grace and love you will achieve the most you can with a child. He will become strong and he will develop compassion for other people. Compassion means that when a child feels bad, you let him know that you understand him by telling him that all will be fine. One part without the other does not work. First you comfort him and then you heal him. This does not mean that you feel sorry for someone. This is not the same. You feel sorry for someone when you see that he cannot be helped. With compassion you encourage him to help himself. We must not confuse these two.

Children need to learn how to listen and hear. This is the foundation of respect. Only when you start to really listen to your child will the child start to listen to you. You must show the child the same respect that you wish the child would show to you. This is always a precondition for a loving relationship or a solution to a problem. You are always a role model for your child.

There are many mirrors in which you can look into yourself and see and evaluate how pure you really are and how much negative energy is inside you, the energy which is blocking and disturbing you.

Children are a great mirror. Then your parents. Observe yourself and be present in every moment, in every word and in every thought that you utter. Always be present with love. If you work from negative patterns this will show immediately in the behavior of your children. Anger must not lead, love must always lead.

When children fight among each other you must let them know that you are not their judge. That they do not need a judge. That they must talk among themselves and resolve their relationships. You must not interfere.

A child must learn to do his own chores. In the chores he completes himself, he trains his will. Consistency and patience and a desire to help and to create is developed through such training.

Everything must be fluid, pure and loving. A child must be independent and know how to act. He learns the most from his parents. As you let him go and let him know you are not his supervisor, he will start to take responsibility for his actions. As long as you decide everything, he will keep leaning on you. This is why it is important for a child to decide for himself.

Children should feel freedom in their own choices and feel the same freedom in non-attachment to form. This is the most of what you can give them in this world: to show them that attachment is not a condition for a happy life.

With all children the magical wand is love, love and again love. When a child is restless, hyperactive or in a very bad mood, you must know that energies are behind this. That this is an effect of energies and that they are being purified through the child. Probably the energies of your ancestors and collective are being purified through him. Never forget this. Be compassionate and help him in love. You will help yourself in this way too.

Children do not hide anything. They are most sincere. Patterns of behavior are made apparent very soon, the same patterns that are hidden in the case of adults. Impatience is seen very clearly. Disappointment and attachment are seen very clearly. These are feelings that adults usually hide under the facade and are not clearly seen in most cases. They are simply hidden. It is not that adults do not experience these emotions, but they simply decide to hide them. This is just what they do. Remember well that the patterns of negative behavior that are expressing themselves through children are hidden inside of you, too. Find them. Accept them. Cleanse them and they will leave your child, too.

Only respect, purity and love are needed for children to flourish – purity of their thoughts and purity in manifesting their thoughts. They must get the feeling that nothing is hard if one truly wants it.

Connection with the heart is important. If you work with your heart, nothing is hard. In every work that you do, do it wholeheartedly. Children are your training ground where you will learn to do this in the best possible way.