(From the book School of Light: Way to Truth)

In general people like to judge each other. They gossip and criticize. They constantly have and express an opinion about something or someone. To have an opinion about things that you know nothing of is the easiest thing to do. And people do it all the time and everywhere. This is why there are so many problems in the world.

The human ego claims the right to always be right. That his belief is the only correct one. When you judge, you are actually not respecting. A lack of respect is the basic problem of human relationships. You have no right to judge anyone. Your opinion about something is created through disharmonies and negative patterns that live in your thoughts, beliefs and emotions, in the invisible and imperceptible world of your being. Through negative opinion about someone, through judgment of another, your imperfection is expressing itself, your disharmony, your negative patterns of behavior.

Every person has his beliefs and his free will through which he acts. This is his way, a path that will one day lead him to Truth. You have no idea about his path. You do not know what has brought him to the state in which he lives. You do not know the background and causes that compel him to act as he does. Everybody is always acting to the best of his ability in the frame of his range of perception. If you allow the other to be as he is and accept him the way he is, with all the respect and love, you offer him a possibility to remove the causes of his problems.

Just think how often you do something simply because you are afraid people will judge you. And all the things you do simply because they judge you or have a negative opinion about you. Just think about it for a second and you will realize how deeply humanity is caught up in these negative patterns.

Where does this come from? This is simply a reflection of your ignorance with your inner Essence. You judge yourself, too. You have opinions about yourself, too. You treat yourself the same way you treat others. The world you see outside lives within you. It arises from within you.

Your inner essence, your real Self, does not judge anyone. With all respect and love, it accepts thing as they are. You can help people in this way. This is compassion. If you notice a person with a negative pattern, you can, without judgment and negative opinion, let him know. He will find it easier to accept it because he will not feel your judgment. He will see himself in the mirror and clearly recognize his captivity.