(From the book School of Light: Way to Truth)

Your mind will resist all change. It will fight your awakening. The mind will not want your heart to come alive.

There is nothing wrong with the human mind. The only problem is that it is a tool and as such has become way too dominant.

Instead of the heart being the leader and as such the connection to the divine, the mind is leading the heart. This is a mistake. The mind has become overexpanded. That is why the world is as it is.

People have developed the mind in order to be able to survive by themselves, because they could no longer live by divine principles. They could no longer acquire things from the universal substance of the universe. Therefore they needed tools in order to make their own food and essentially “do” everything physically. The mind was originally designed for survival. The heart was once in charge, and the mind did not think. The mind acted, the heart led.

This is where the mistake happened: the mind took over the role of the heart. That is why so many people are unhappy. They do not work through their heart, but through their mind.

The heart must once again take over control over life.

The heart is the one carrying the Light.

The heart only wants what is good for the other.

The heart does not doubt. The heart believes.

The mind is not competent to decide about life. Nevertheless, people have given it the main role. In human life, the heart should come first and the mind second. Unfortunately, it is the other way around. The mind does that which it knows not how to do, while the heart is prevented from doing what it does best.

But the purpose is not that the mind should be destroyed. It is necessary for survival. It is a very good tool, but it cannot run the heart. The mind does not bring life to people. It is merely a translator.

It is good to have the mind, but only in the role of the translator. The mind executes what the heart says. Light is in the heart, not in the mind. The mind is merely a tool.

It's like cooking lunch. You need a wooden spoon, a tool to stir the soup with. But in the end you eat the soup not the spoon. The heart is the essence of life and not the mind. The heart is, in this case, the soup, the mind is the spoon. This is how this works!

Where does the mind get the power to overrule the heart?

This power comes from its connection with the head. The mind in the body is positioned higher, the heart is lower. The connection of the brain and the mind is very tight. People have started to confuse the heart and the mind and the mind has gained much power simply because people have forgotten to feel, since this is how they have been programmed.

The domination of the mind has proceeded very slowly.

The heart has always been the leader.

At one point, a turnover took place. People were no longer connected to themselves since they had everything that they needed. This is why the mind was no longer performing its intended function.

Humans were created with mind and heart.

At the beginning, people had everything and

the mind was bored.

He started to create his own story.

He started to dominate the heart.

This is how it all happened.

Slowly, the divine energies were taken away from man because of the domination of mind over heart. In this way, the world of mind in which we live today slowly took form.

The connection between the I AM Presence and the mind is very weak nowadays. People receive just the basic life energy necessary to rejuvenate the body. This energy is strong enough to run the mind, but the rest of the body and the heart suffer.

As the light channels widen and the flow from the mighty I AM Presence increases, this channel also stretches down into the heart. This is similar to opening a pipe so the water can flow. At first it drips slightly, flows a bit and the Presence is only weakly present in the mind and body, because the flow is not established. It is enough for basic survival, but for an open, fully functioning heart that flows mightily throughout the the entire body, much more of the I AM Presence is needed. Everyone can do this. Everyone can establish the flow of the I AM Presence.

The purpose is not for the mind to be destroyed. Not at all! The heart must be filled with the energy of the I AM Presence. When the heart starts to come alive again, it runs again and a powerful energy is created. This in itself disables the control of the mind. It puts it back into its original form, as it was meant to be.

Disharmonies are removed as the body gets back into harmony

as we restore flow in the body

and return power back to the heart.

By merely by ensuring that the chakras are spinning in the right direction, or by merely adding bioenergy to the body, we are not doing enough. We are not opening the heart. It takes strong decrees: decrees of the heart, decrees of the mighty I AM Presence from the Central Sun. This energy will bring life back to the heart.

As the heart starts doing its job again, the body and person in it will both come back to life. The I AM Presence will live inside the hearts of men and the entire body will harmonize itself. This is the essence of all.

Man was created as he was created, with all of his gifts, but he started to abuse them.