PATTERNS OF NEGATIVE BEHAVIOUR Why is it so hard to see the truth again?

Man is tightly caught up in his patterns of negative behavior. All of the anger, all of the fear, all of the disease, pain and disharmonies that you carry are a consequence of your will. Disharmonious actions, spoken words, thoughts and feelings create a momentum in human expression and become a habit. Desires and appetites for sensual delights have caught people up in a negative cycle of decay. Humans are lead by instinctual behavior that stems from a desire to satisfy these desires. Human consciousness has fallen to its lowest level, closer to animal consciousness. Sensual appetites from past lives have become a driving force and a bedrock for the needs and bad habits of the next life. They enslave you in the wheel of disharmonies, lack, addiction, limitation and attachment. This is how all human problems are created. They are the result of an imperfect creation through the mind. This repeats itself, life after life, for as long as desperate human minds fail to realize and accept the only law that gives life and freedom—the Law of Love. Needs, bad habits, attachments, fear and anger have woven strong destructive ties around people and these ties keep you bound to the patterns of negative behavior. They can be strongly expressed or very subtle and barely noticeable. Due to these strong ties that are interwoven into your world of feelings, your thoughts and even your physical body, you are not able to see these patterns yourself. Everything seems normal, since you are caught up in your own notion of normal life and relationships. It is difficult to liberate oneself from this captivity if you do not understand the Law of life. You are surely asking yourself why this is so important at this moment. It is important simply because you must understand the root cause if you wish to remove the consequence. Patterns of all the disharmonies, which reside within people, are the origin of all disease. The origin of all injuries. The origin of all pain and all suffering. The origin of all wars, hate and destruction. This is why it is important to understand the workings of the Law of life, simply because this is the way to remove these patterns from your life and from the life of all humanity. You can observe these patterns of negative behavior, the cores of which are deeply hidden in your subconscious world, in your unconscious, in the outside world and in the people that surround you. Every situation, every person that disturbs or infuriates you with his behavior, speech, thoughts, actions or feelings is your mirror, a mirror of your subconscious. Your subconscious is projected onto things, people and situations that surround you and happen to you. You must accept that the cause of everything that bothers you in other people is in yourself and only in yourself! This is the Law. This is 1+1=2. If you are not capable of admitting this to yourself, you will not be able to solve any problem whatsoever. By observing the world around you, you will get to know how your unconscious operates. You need a desire to change, a desire to purify yourself from all negative patterns. You need a strong will and a trust in the reality of the Law of life. This is the only way to freedom.