(From the book School of Light: Way to Truth)

The great Law is the Law of purity and perfection. There is no discord or disharmony in it. Purity and perfection reign.

Purity is like power that reflects in actions and states of consciousness.

Every thought that is not pure creates disharmony. Purity is something that must be integrated into your life, into all that you are. Into all that you think. Into all that you feel. Into all that you speak and write. Into all that you create: pure relationships, pure love, pure respect, pure Light.

Purity is the most intact form. People think of the concept of purity as something being either dirty or clean. But it means much more.

Purity has a very heavy name. As soon as you say purity, you put it into a frame and it looses the real meaning. Purity can be only one. There cannot be multiple kinds of purity or multiple kinds of the holy, neither can there be multiple kinds of good. There can only be one goodness, only one divinity, only one purity.

Purity exist without obstacles and is the only truth. Purity brings liberation.

It is not possible to debate about purity. Everybody knows that what is pure is pure and what isn't isn't. Try to feel this simplicity of divinity.

Purity as original purity is very rare.

Purity is like water, it cannot be cloudy.

Water is pure only when it is completely pure.

That is how it is with purity.

You cannot walk two or more ways at the same time.

You must find your way, the one and only,

and stay on it.

Purity is foreign to people. They believe that nobody on this earth can be pure. People like their feelings and emotions. They think they will die if they lose them. But they do not know the release that stable emotions, stable thoughts, peace and love can bring them. This is purity of thoughts and feelings.

The hardest thing in the world is to be completely pure: no expectations, no demands and no attachments.

People feel comfortable in their feelings and emotions. It gives them a feeling of self-worth. They find it difficult to let go of their attachments to all the things and patterns, even when they cause harm. This way of living and thinking can be changed. It is incorrect, problematic and harmful. Only when you realize this and understand this can you begin to slowly change your life. But not before.

Comfort of this life, importance, being stuck in your story, your pattern, all of this is a muddy veil stuck on people. It is a weight of ignorance. As this veil is removed, life becomes easier and more beautiful.

People will slowly realize that material goods are not everything. This has been known for a long time. Many such things have been known for a long time, but people simply cannot see through the veil of ignorance. They simply can't see.

People do not want purity because they are much too comfortable in their impurities.

Start seeking for purity in all the things you do. Purity is sincerity and purity is love. Purity is order, honesty and precision.

You must learn that you don't need much in order to be happy. That you have, in this moment, everything that you truly want. Only after you decide for the purest way do you get what you truly want. When you are not expecting anything from anyone, you receive the most. When you are free, when you live in purity, you are the most happy and you do not need a truth of your own, since the truth is simply purity. This is the only truth: purity of heart and love, purity of life, purity of feelings, peace and a loving and patient attitude towards others. Respect, love and patience toward others are the main foundations of pure relationships.

There is only light or dark. There are no colours in between.

As you walk this path, you must decide what you want: the divine or that which is not divine? There is no intermediate way. You may think there is a middle way, but there isn't. It can only be pure. And all that is not pure is simply impure.

Love must follow purity. Purity must follow love. All is connected. We are all a part of each other and others are a part of us. This is the whole Truth.

I Am You and You are Me. I Am your mirror to you so you can see yourself. Every day is a new day and every day you have an opportunity to win, to overcome the evil in yourself that directs you to do things that you truly do not want to, things that aren’t pure.