(From the book School of Light: Way to Truth)

Miracles happen every moment. They happen all around you. Those who cannot see are deprived of the most beautiful gifts of Life. God, the Law of life and love, cannot be seen or sought with the eyes. It cannot be describe with words. It can only be lived and felt in your heart.

Man, as he perceives himself at the moment, is a limited, condensed form of his original essence. You are perceiving yourself and the world with the help of the senses and the mind, which is, in its essence, ignorant. You are in your essence working against the Law. You live in the illusion, in the notion that the material world that you can see, hear, taste and touch is the only reality.

You probably remember a time when you had very vivid dreams. You were dreaming so vividly that it seemed you were actually there. As if it was really happening. Then you woke up in the morning and realized it was only a dream. In this way, you may one day realize that the material life you are living is also nothing but a dream. It is so vivid and so real, but in reality it is only a dream. You may realize that the journey through the thick bush is only a dream.

If you try to understand all of this with your mind, you will fail. Your ego will not allow it, because he cannot understand it. Anti-law does not understand and does not accept the Law.

So silence your mind and allow your intuition, your silent inner voice, to speak to you. Then you will be at peace, and all will become lighter.