Meditation can help us

We live in a time of great change. Great shifts of consciousness. The vibration of life is rising and all living beings are feeling this pressure. We humans can feel this as a force that is pushing all disharmonious patterns of thinking, feeling and perception out from the depths of our subconscious mind. This can be felt as pressure on our state of mind, health and relationships. With the purpose of removing everything that burdens us, this is causing us pain and problems. This is like heating cold water to the boiling point: when the water boils it changes into steam and something completely new is created, something freer.

We humans feel and perceive these changes. We are given opportunities for a new start, an opportunity to liberate ourselves from old patterns and habits that have been preventing us from living a freer and more fulfilling life. This demands of us that we become someone other than who we have been up to now. That we start thinking differently, feeling differently, acting differently. That we transform in accordance with new patterns that wish to be integrated into the life of humanity for the purpose of connecting people in love and peace. This creates global peace and abundance for all. Entrapment in the duality of our thoughts and feelings is dissolving. Purity and a desire for creating perfection is taking center stage. A quantum leap in the evolution of our consciousness is taking place.

All of this is happening right now, in this moment, irrespective of whether we like it or not. Those who are accepting this with an open heart feel support for their life purpose. Those who live deeply caught up in the operation of their unconscious patterns, in insecurity and doubt, fear of lack and loss feel these changes as pressure, disease, sickness, headaches, pain in their heart and shoulders.

The way of life that we have accepted as normal is tightly tying us up with the material world around us. In essence, we have been taught to live outside of ourselves. We live in a world of the past and future, which is driven by the desire for material goods and a fear of losing them. This is the current state of human consciousness.

The changes that are coming are guiding us back to ourselves. Back to our real self. To the feeling of a life that is in us and that comes from us. These changes want to reawaken our awareness of love towards ourselves and others and to all of nature. Love and peace are becoming the core values of our common life once again.

Meditation is a support that can help us with this. Meditation is a broad concept and there are as many kinds of meditation as there are people. But the core of all of them is the same: mediation is a state of connectedness with oneself. It is a state of inner peace in which we are connected with the flow of universal intelligence; a state in which our new consciousness is being shaped and built. It helps us to calm down, charge ourselves with life energy, remove pains, heal faster.... Through regular meditation this becomes our life. We are given an opportunity to elegantly solve the problems in our lives. To make different decisions than we are used to. To change our beliefs, our ways of thinking, our habits. To stop allowing negative feelings to control our lives anymore. Meditation helps us to be liberated with ease and become conscious creators of our lives.