Petra in Uroš Dobnikar on the astral world

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Astral travels are generally described as something divine in the spiritual literature. Petra and Uroš Dobnikar, authors of the book School of Light: Way to Truth are warning us that all the negative things that are happening on earth are a consequence of the astral world. We were talking with them about the dangers that can come from the astral world.

We presented Petra and Uroš Dobnikar in our magazine, Misteriji, in May, 2017 in an article entitled, “Healing Through Meditation. Dr. Uroš Dobnikar is Doctor of Medicine. He holds a Ph.D. in Physiology and is a surgeon in the Department of Traumatology at the University Clinical Center in Maribor, Slovenia. Petra Dobnikar is an academic pianist and a Professor of Piano on the Maribor Conservatory for Music and Ballet.

How did you receive this information about the astral world? Presumably your main source is your own experience?

Information came from inside out. We arrived at a very clear understanding, a broader picture of the entrapment of humanity in the activities of the astral world. We could only really understand all of this through our own experiences, our lessons in life.

What is the astral world really? Is it a mental, virtual, made up world? How does humanity access it?

The astral world is a psychic world of the human mind. It is a world of desires and strong emotions. It consists of all the drama that we are experiencing or observing in our lives. The astral world was created by man with the way he operated and as a consequence of his actions. It is like a field of negative energy that reaches humans through thoughts and feelings. The astral world currently runs and controls life on earth. Some people are more connected to the astral world than others. Only a few can and do consciously enter it. Most people are under the influence of the astral world without being aware of it. Man is most often hijacked by it in his dreams.

How does a man get caught up in the astral world? What kind of beings rule there?

It all depends on purity. If you are completely pure and connected to life on earth with an open heart, then this world does not have power over you. You become the lighthouse that melts all illusion. Your life is calm, fluid, simple, joyful and fulfilled. But if you seek drama and play the role of victim, filling yourself with powerful emotions, unhealthy sensual delights, attachments and addiction; or if you are caught up in a strong desire for recognition and material goods, or always feel like something is missing and that you therefore have to achieve or acquire something then you are automatically a part of this world and you open wide your gates to the forces that operate there.

What kind of beings rule the astral world?

It does not even matter what kind of beings rule there. What matters for humanity is that we can rise above this drama in order to get to know and open our heart once again. Only then can the inner Light illuminate all of the darkness of our actions and everything that we have created.

Where is the astral charging from?

From the emotional drama of humanity. Fear is the source of all problems.

Do you know any cases from everyday life that illustrate how the astral world can negatively affect the lives of people?

Mental illnesses are a very clear mirror. Addictions also. Violence, wars, control and manipulation....

 We can recognize the operation of the astral world everywhere. The astral always negatively affects the lives of people here and now. It creates fear in people and thereby only closes our hearts more and more tightly. In this way a mighty potential we all carry inside is stifled. This is the potential of life, aliveness, abundance, joy, honesty, respect, love and peace.

If we generalize, are leaders of the world who cause wars possessed by the astral world?

No leader who is possessed by the astral world can create a war if the people he rules over or those he wishes to attack have open hearts and are connected in oneness, live in abundance, love and peace. These kind of people cannot even allow such a leader to lead them.

We are all creating the world in which we live. Each individual affects the whole. The current state of affairs in the world is simply an indicator of our collective consciousness. When more than 50% of the world’s population open their hearts and step out of the entrapment of the astral world, the astral world will start to dissolve and in the end we will realize that life is simple.

What would you advise to people who feel like peeking into the astral world?

We cannot advise anything here. Every man learns from his or her own experience. We the people have created the astral world, so we have to go through the experience of the astral world and liberate ourselves from its density. These are the hardest lessons in life – lessons through which we realize that the astral world is an illusion. It is not easy to cross this border from life saturated with strong feelings and mental concepts into the life of simplicity, purity, connectedness and non-attachment – a life in which you have nothing but at the same time have everything.