(From the book School of Light: Way to Truth)

If you are sick and you only want to remove the disease and this becomes your main goal in life, you will not be successful. Your disease is merely a gift for you and it is calling your attention to the fact that you are not connected with your essence, that you are not watering the divine seed in your core. When you sincerely start to desire to know the Truth and become the Truth, the disease will disappear. It will have served its purpose. The teacher will have finished the class and suddenly you will realize that disease never even existed.


We take disease for granted, as something that randomly comes and hurts us as victims. But we have forgotten that this is, in essence, not the case. Everything that happens in nature happens in accordance with the law of cause and effect. Every disease has its own cause. We humans have forgotten that a man creates his own illness because of his ignorance. But just as he creates the causes of the disease, so can he remove them himself. It is important to know that man holds a potential inside himself that enables him to bring the causes of disease into consciousness so that he can heal himself. At all times he has the potential to realize that diseases are created because of a way of life, negative thoughts, beliefs and negative emotions and actions that negatively affect both the individual and the community. All of these causes are ingrained in us and in our ancestors.

But we can, if we wish to do so, see these causes. We see them in our own lives mostly in our relationship with ourselves and with others. They are visible in our negative patterns of thinking and behavior; in habits, addictions and fears; and in the anger that we feel.

For people this can be very liberating, as they realize that they do not really need any of these things. That these problems can be RESOLVED! That this is not our original nature. That we are, in essence, completely healthy. That we do not need to be victims of fate! That we can live freely in harmony with nature and in loving relationships with ourselves and the people around us. In such an environment and with such a way of life there is no room for diseases, and they simply cannot appear anymore.


This is utopian, absurd, impossible – or so the human mind thinks.

But only until it has an experience that proves otherwise. DISEASE COMES WITH A PURPOSE: TO STOP US! It shows us that we are not meant to live in old patterns anymore. That we must change our relationships and our lives. This is not easy, however. Change is the hardest thing to do – but why?

First, change is difficult because we are ignorant and are not even aware of why certain diseases comes to us. We do not see our negative patterns; we do not even notice them. We accepted them as something normal. We deem it normal to be angry at times; to be sad and moody; to hold grudges or not talk to someone; to be jealous or afraid; to live in lack and always be grasping for more; to have a desire to be better and possess more than others; to have negative opinions of others and to judge them.

A second reason why change is difficult is because we are so used to and addicted to old ways of life and disharmonious relationships. Everyone knows that changes are very hard to make CONSCIOUSLY. Comfort in the old patterns forces a man to reject any idea that brings about change.

Thirdly, change is difficult because we lack awareness of our potential. The potential for self healing lies dormant in every man. This is the LOVE that everybody is talking about. Love heals and creates a harmonious life and a harmonious human being living in harmonious co-existence with nature. Unconscious negative patterns make this seem like a utopia, like something that is simply not possible.

The human mind is a great wizard and a hypnotist. Never forget this! It tries to convince an individual that his life no matter how desperate it is is something unavoidable and that there is no other way. Human lives are caught up in a suffering that is created by the human mind.


Because humans are so strongly guided by our unconscious patterns that it is very hard for us to transcend them. Disease, which is the consequence of the long-term operation of these patterns, comes with the purpose of bringing these patterns to awareness and removing them from our lives. (Disease in the case of children is an attempt to expose the negative patterns of parents and relatives.) Disease itself is in fact a healing and a transformation of these negative patterns. Disease wants to set us free, but at the moment when it comes, we are often not yet even aware of it. We are powerless and desperate and we seek healing from the outside, which only heals our symptoms but does not touch on the root causes of the illness. Disease thus becomes chronic and incurable and leaves us in suffering. This is a CHALLENGE FOR OUR CONSCIOUSNESS! To find another way, a way to Self, into the heart, to reignite the spark of love in our hearts, a spark that can completely change us and our lives! This can totally change our perspective and perception of the disease; it can reduce pain and suffering; it can create loving relations and wellbeing. Many things can change – IS THIS NOT A PRECIOUS GIFT?

Once we remove the root causes of the disease, it will not return again. We are truly healed. In this way we can overcome the disease forever. Old negative patterns are gone and we are given a chance to build a new life based on new patterns and rooted in purity and love. In this way we create conscious and harmonious lives, health, wellbeing, joy and success. We create a sense of fullness, a feeling of deep contentment and satisfaction, an open heart for all! Only then can we really start to realize the true purpose of our lives. Only then can we start to understand the intelligence of nature. We do not need disease anymore to learn. We start to understand the world around us through various insights and intuitions. Our path becomes calm and smooth.

A man who has been struck by a disease and is suffering needs help. We must first heal the disease physically to alleviate his pain and suffering. Only then can real help and support be received, support that will aid the patient in accepting his disease peacefully and make him aware of what is going on and how he can remove the causes of the disease himself. The purpose of this writing is to awaken the knowledge that will help humanity open up to the gift of disease, in peace and in tranquility.